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2015-10-28 03:33:43

Our company has nearly 200,000 square meters of factory area,BAKUBAKU Food Waste Disposer is independent in cooperation with Japanese companies, have patent rights.

BAKUBAKU with bacteria bed can resolve food residue about 99.8%

This is the biggest feature of BAKUBAKU machine, Input after 2~6 hours, all food residue will be broken down into water and carbon dioxide.

The water will evaporate after decomposition, input after about 24 hours; it can input the next batch food residue, there is no water residual in processing tank.

BAKUBAKU machine is beneficial for environment, food residue unnecessary to fire, organic matter resolve the residue in the BAKUBAKU equipment, and also, it can greatly reduce the emissoins of carbon dioxide.

According to our own long-term research and practical experience, summed up a set of different users combined solution, combined with waste separation, screening of the actual situation, the development of community bioprocessing trash combination regimen combining labor and technology. At the same time there is a problem of food waste because it is rich in organic matter but also as a potential energy supply thereof. With proper treatment, it can release hidden in food waste energy into electricity and thermal energy, as an effective complement to conventional energy carriers. Food waste recycling in the direction our country is tickling fermented into organic manure, anaerobic digestion into energy. I technology companies prefer to deal with the comprehensive utilization of anaerobic and aerobic fermentation method, with the greatest reduction first into the purpose, then bio-fertilizer production recycling technology.


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