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The 12th international sourcing fair (Shanghai,China)


2015-10-28 02:37:48

The 12th international sourcing fair (Shanghai,China)


People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce 
Shanghai Municipal People's Government
Shanghai International Merchandising Center Co., Ltd.

           Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province Spring Thai environmental Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. (Zhangjiagang City Environmental Protection Equipment Factory) is located in the south bank of the Yangtze golden waterway, east of Shanghai, south of Suzhou, Wuxi, west, north-ton wharf - Zhangjiagang Port, water and land transportation is very convenient.

           The conference not only integrate the purposes and national business friendly exchanges of the General Assembly, also contributed to the comprehensive training of their own businesses and improve learning. The spirit of the buyers of "low-cost, high-cost procurement" to promote the importance of sales operations of the company.

             In the following conditions, promote mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and customers purchasing for:

    A) Learn proprietary knowledge trust
    B) to understand customer product
    C) Strategy and demand
    D) common goals, measure - balance control
    E) Customers - Suppliers requests are subject to mutually acceptable conditions


             Supplier: Process - improving standards, certification and is committed to innovation, flexibility and variability of supply and demand, and expect high-quality products and services.

             Our focus: safety first, the concept of sustainable development, policy guidelines in responsibilities, social, environmental and other concerns developments, cost concept, keeping observation, supportive, positive attitude, avoid disaster early prediction, became the company strong management system, responsible businesses.



Chun Tai Environmental protection

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