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1.  Purpose:
    To ensure that products meet the requirements service to ensure the normal operation of aftermarket products, and remove the problems, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

2. The program:
    Sales Dept received customer feedback, suggestions, complaints and other information, should immediately fill out the "service notice" in duplicate. one copy to sales department, one copy sent to the service Dept, if special circumstances can not be sent to the service Dept, can call them and must inform the number, service location, contact person, telephone and fault details.

     2.1 The Working Group received a "service notice" or phone call, it should immediately communicate with the customer, a preliminary understanding of fault conditions, to prepare the necessary spare parts after the preliminary determination, immediately reach the service and repair locations.
     2.2 Upon arrival service location, first listened to the description of the fault of the customer, and then carry out the necessary checks, in determining the fault location after the implementation of the repair or replacement of spare parts.

      2.3 When they find the construction unit due to improper operation or routine maintenance, due to human causes malfunction or damage parts, shall immediately inform the customer and notify the sales department, and inform the customer the correct method of operation and routine maintenance again, to avoid similar problem.

      2.4 After troubleshooting, service personnel should be debugged immediately, the customer has expressly excluded or fault has been repaired.
      2.5 Service personnel should fill out the "maintenance of records" in triplicate, signed and confirmed by the customer, one for the customer, one for working groups, one for the sales Dep, and informed the details to Sales Dept.
      2.6 Sales in the three days after the repair should be conducted telephone interviews, to understand the equipment operation and service personnel attitude after the repair, and record.

       2.7 According to "maintenance records" the description of the case, if the case of failure caused by human factors, should charge a reasonable cost to customer and records.
       2.8 The Working Group personnel requisitioned material and accessories, be sure to inform the number or project number, which will help Statistics.

       2.9 Sales Dept will record the amount of material and accessories, and produced account, regularly handed to Sales Dept.


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